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Christmas Still Life

Oil on Wood 2019

After Campin

Oil on wood

Still Life with coffee pot

Oil on wood

Reynolds copy for UTS

Oil on Wood

Cheese and Hazelnuts Still Life

Oil on wood

Still Life with Chaffinch

Oil on wood

Carnations Oil Painting insta
Jessy (after Sassetti)

Acrylic on board


Oil on Canvas

Vision of Ezekiel after Raphael

Oil on Wood

Gareth after Velazquez

Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas

Van Gogh with two extra guests

Oil on canvas

Red Rosie

Oil on Canvas 40 x 50 cm 2008

Study of Man

Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas 60 x 50 cm 2008

The Mere

Oil on Canvas 55 x 75 cm 2009

Jess (after Schmutzer)

Pencil on paper

After Rubens' Battle of Anghiari

Charcoal, pencil, chalk and ink


Oil on Canvas 60 x 108 cm 2009

On the Brink

Oil on Canvas 130 x 100 cm 2010

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