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Film and Television



The Witcher (Series 2) 2021 Portrait Artist (Set Decorator: Rob Cameron, Graphics: Sam Moulsdale) 

The Last Duel 2021 - Calligrapher (Graphic Designer: Sophie Powell) 

Cinderella 2021 - Graphic Designer (dailies) (Set Decorator: Kathryn Pyle) 

Jingle Jangle 2020 - Lead Decor Artist (Set Decorator: Rob Cameron)

Enola Holmes 2020 Artist/Illustrator (Graphic Designer: Jools Faiers)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (TV series) 2019 - Portrait Artist (Graphic Designer: Brendan Hessle)

Game of Thrones (Series 6-8) Graphic Designer (Set Decorator: Rob Cameron)

Wounds 2019 Illustrator (Director: Babak Anvari)

Solo: A Star Wars Story 2018 Decor Artist (Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington) 

A Very English Scandal 2018 Artist (Graphic Designer: Carly Mason)

Paddington 2 2017 Artist/Illustrator (Set Decorator: Cathy Cosgrove) 


The Infiltrator 2016 Artist (Production Designer: Crispian Sallis, Set Decorator: Cathy Cosgrove) 

Rogue One 2016 - Decor Artist (Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington) 

Lost City of Z 2016 Artist (Graphic Designer: Carly Mason)

Under the Shadow 2016 Graphic Artist 

Paddington 2014 - Illustrator (Director: Paul King)


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2014 - Artist (Graphic Designer: Carly Mason)


Star Wars: Episode VII 2014 - Artist (Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington)


The Man Who Knew Infintity 2014 - Artist (Graphic Designer: Liz Colbert)


Absolutely Anything 2014 - Mural Artist (Graphic Designer: Carly Mason)


Cinderella 2013 - Graphics for set dec (Buyer: Aoife McKim)


Maleficent (additional photography) 2013 - Graphic Artist (Set Decorator: Lisa Chugg)


Under the Shadow (pre-production) 2013 - Concept Illustrations (Director: Babak Anvari)


The Residents (short) 2013 - Scenic Artist (Production Designer: Katie Clarke)


Cacti (short) 2013 - Standby Art Director (Production Designer: Jenny Ray)


Thor 2, The Dark World 2012 - Illustrator/graphics for set dec with Jim Stanes. (Graphic Designer: Jools Faiers)

Maleficent 2012 - Decor artist, set dec department (Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington)


The Look of Love 2012 - Painter with O&A (Production Designer: Jacqueline Abrahams)


Snow White and the Huntsman 2011 - Props/Graphics set dec department. (Graphic Artist: Jim Stanes, Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington)


First Sight (short) 2012 - Standby Art Director (Art Director: Jenny Ray)


The Wilderness  2011 - Storyboard Artist (Producer: Jon Pettigrew)


Clean Skin (pickups) 2011 - Art Department Assistant (Art Director: Jenny Ray)


Chasing Cotton Clouds (short) 2011 - Illustrator/Graphics (Art Director: Jenny Ray)







The Interceptor BBC 2014 - Caricature Artist (Art Director: Josie Kealy)


Hetty Feather BBC 2014 - Artist/Signwriter - (Art Director: Jenny Ray)


Release the Hounds Pilot 2014 - Graphic Artist (Art Director: Catherine Land)


Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway ITV 2013 - Portrait Artist (Art Director: Catherine Land)


Youngers - Channel 4 2013, Painter (Art Director: Jenny Ray)


Family Tree HBO/BBC 2012 - Illustrations/Graphics (Graphic Artist: Krissy Books, Art Director: Jenny Ray)


Britain Unzipped BBC3 2012 - Portrait artist (Art Director: Catherine Land)


Lemon La Vida Loca ITV- 2012 Portrait artist (Art Director: Lucy Fyfe)


Spooks, Series 10 2011 - Art Department Assistant (Production Designer: Matt Gant)


Reflex (Gameshow pilot) 2011 - Standby Art Director (Art Director: Catherine Land)


Britain's Got Talent ITV, 2011 - Prop-maker (Art Director: Joshua Grace)


Epic Win BBC 2011 - Prop-maker (Art Director: Joshua Grace)


Richard Bacon's Beer & Pizza 2011 - Prop maker/Art department assistant (Art Director: Catherine Land)


Dick and Dom's Funny Business BBC 2010 - Assistant Art Director (Production Designer: Joshua Grace)

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