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Pine Marten

Polychromos Pencil illustration


Commissioned drawing, Polychromos pencils. 2020


Watercolour and pen

A-Z British Animals Poster

Pen and Ink poster Prints available in shop

Wren Illustration

Pen illustration Print available in shop (see link below)

Dartford Warbler

Polychromos Pencils


Polychromos Pencils

Christmas Mouse

Polychromos pencils

The harpist

Watercolour and Polychromos Pencil


Polychromos pencil

Pumpkin Soup

Polychromos pencils 2016

Sugar pot

Polychromos pencil

The Egg

Polychromos Pencil

Spring Buds

Polychromos Pencils

GoT Christmas Card

Christmas Card design for GoT colleagues Watercolour and pen


Gouache illustration

Iranian Snow White

Illustration for Under the Shadow Gouache

Paddington 2

Pen illustrations for Paddington 2 2017

Hetty Feather

Ink Illustration for Hetty Feather

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