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Graphics, Artwork and Painting

 for Film, Television, Commercials and Theatre

Thor: The Dark World

Hand-painted illustration, 2 pages. Graphic Designer: Jools Faiers 2012

Thor 2: The Dark World

Hand-painted illustration Graphic Designer: Jools Faiers 2013 (additional photography)

Thor: The Dark World

Hand painted illustration Graphic Designer: Jools Faiers 2013 (additional photography)

Game of Thrones 7

Design for hero book, produced by Wyvern Bindery (as Graphic Designer) 2016

Game of Thrones 7

Design for book cover, produced by Wyvern Bindery

GoT Suppliers Map

Hand painted map

Jingle Jangle

Magazine cover design, hand painted, then Photoshop.

Game of Thrones 7

Calligraphy and painting for hero book (as Graphic Designer)

Game of Thrones 7

Calligraphy and Illuminated Letter in hero book (as Graphic Designer)

Paddington 2

Portrait painting of Hugh Grant as a Highlander

Under the Shadow

Oil Painting copy of The Infant Samuel, Joshua Reynolds

Jingle Jangle

Portrait for Gustafson's Office

Four Weddings & A Funeral (series)

Portrait of Alex Jennings for Four Weddings and a Funeral (tv series)

Game of Thrones, Series 8

Map for Arya;s cabin, hand painted and calligraphy

Paddington 2

Hand drawn ink illustrations for Paddington 2 Designer: Gary Williamson 2016

Under the Shadow

Design and hand painted book illustration. Gouache Director: Babak Anvari 2015

PPZ Flag Heraldry

Hand-painted flags for Pride, Prejudice and Zombies Graphic Designer: Carly Mason 2014

PPZ Heraldry

Hand-painted heraldry for Pride, Prejudice and Zombies 2014

The Infiltrator

Hand-Painted Murals Graphic Designer: Liz Colbert Designer: Crispian Sallis 2015

The Infiltrator

Acrylic Painting Designer: Crispian Sallis 2015


Illustration painted on camera for Paddington

Hetty Feather

Hand-painted signs Designer:Jenny Ray

Hetty Feather

Hand drawn ink illustration Designer: Jenny Ray

White Princess (tv series)

Hand drawn and painted illustration Set Decorator: Cathy Cosgrove/Holly Thurman 2017

The Interceptor

Selection of caricatures drawn for a notebook

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Hand-painted poster Graphic Designer: Liz Colbert 2014


Hand painted bathroom tiles for TalkTalk 'Date Night' commercial Art Director: Ben Smith 2013

Snow White Flag

Stencilling for flags and banners 2011

Snow White Blankets

Stencilling for blankets, to give a block print effect. 2011

Lemon La Vida Loca

Portrait (cropped) of Keith Lemon Art Director: Lucy Fyfe 2012

Ant and Dec

Portrait for Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Art Director: Catherine Land 2012

Gucci 'Bamboo Confidential'

Scenic Painting for Gucci commercial Art Director: Ben Smith 2013

Enola Holmes

Chrysanthemums (acrylic on canvas) for Enola Holmes

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